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Creating Compelling Local Landing Pages That Convert

Creating Compelling Local Landing Pages That Convert

As a business with a physical location, having a website that connects with customers in your geographic area is critical for driving foot traffic and sales. A practical approach to improve your local online visibility is by creating dedicated landing pages tailored to different locations you serve.

Properly structured local landing pages indicate to search engines the specific neighborhoods, cities, and regions your business operates. Optimized effectively, they can rank for valuable local keywords, attract more visitors, and convert browsers into leads and customers.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through what makes an effective local landing page and provide tips to creating compelling pages optimized for conversions.

What is a Landing Page?

Before diving into local landing pages, let’s quickly define a landing page.

A landing page is a standalone web page that serves a single, focused purpose separate from your main website. It’s where visitors “land” when coming from ads, email campaigns, social media, or other channels.

Landing pages are used to:

  • Promote a specific offer, product, or service
  • Collect contact information through lead gen forms
  • Drive a specific conversion like sales or downloads

Unlike a website homepage, landing pages have very limited navigation and are specialized to guide visitors to complete one desired action.

Benefits of Local Landing Pages

Dedicated landing pages focused on individual locations, neighborhoods or metro areas provide several advantages:

Target Geographic Keywords

Local landing pages allow you to optimize for specific geographic keywords like “pizza restaurant in Brooklyn” or “plumber in Austin”. This helps you rank for searches in those locations.

Establish Local Relevance

Creating location-based pages signals that your business serves those particular regions. This builds trust and credibility with nearby customers.

Provide Location-Specific Info

Local landing pages allow you to share address, hours, maps and other useful info for each location.

Optimized local pages can help you earn valuable backlinks from location-specific sites interested in your content.

How to Create Compelling Local Landing Pages

Here are tips to create effective local landing pages that engage visitors and convert browsers into leads and customers:

Conduct Keyword Research

Identify keywords and phrases people search for related to your business and location.

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest to find relevant local search terms.

Make a list of keywords to target for each landing page. Include generic terms like “pizza Chicago” and longer phrases like “south side Chicago pizza restaurants”.

Design for Local Intent

Think about the intent behind local searches and design your pages accordingly.

For example, “auto repair shops Dallas” indicates someone intends to get their car fixed locally. Include a call-to-action to book an appointment.

A search like “things to do in Houston” implies the user wants recommendations for local activities. Focus the page on providing ideas.

Incorporate Location into Page URL

Include your city, neighborhood or region name directly in the page URL.

For example:

  • www.restaurantname.com/austin-downtown
  • www.restaurantname.com/houston-galleria

Optimize for Local Keywords

Naturally work location names and keywords into page titles, headers, content, image filenames, alt text, etc. Don’t over-optimize.

Share Local Contact Info

Include your address, phone number, hours, maps and other useful local information for that specific area.

Add Location-Focused Images

Incorporate photos of your local storefront, neighborhood, city skyline, and landmarks. Images help establish location relevance.

Include Localized Calls-to-Action

Add CTAs like “Book an Appointment in Brooklyn”, “Order Delivery in Queens”, or “Visit our Austin Location”.

Use Schema Markup

Use LocalBusiness schema and geo-coordinates to identify your business locations. This enhances how search engines display your pages in local results.

Promote Your Pages Locally

Build local links and social media engagement around your landing pages to boost visibility. Run paid ads targeting your metro region.

Examples of Effective Local Landing Pages

To see local landing page best practices in action, here are a few examples:

Local Restaurant Landing Pages

This restaurant chain has separate landing pages for each city location that highlights local info, food photos, maps, and a customized CTA to order delivery or make a reservation at that specific spot:

Local restaurant landing page example

Local Gym Landing Pages

This gym creates dedicated pages for each location that include address, hours, class schedules, membership info, and a CTA to book a tour or join that gym specifically:

Local gym landing page example

Local Plumber Landing Pages

This plumbing company builds city-specific landing pages that share contact details, service areas, and keywords for that metro while offering a coupon to incentivize conversions:

Local plumber landing page example

Tips for Highly Converting Local Landing Pages

Beyond location optimization, here are some additional tips to boost conversions on your local landing pages:

  • Highlight benefits – Focus on how you can help customers in that area. Don’t just describe features.
  • Add social proof – Build trust with reviews, testimonials, and local brand logos.
  • Limit distractions – Keep navigation minimal and avoid sidebars.
  • Incentivize opt-ins – Offer a coupon or discount for joining your email list.
  • Use high-quality images – Show real people enjoying your business in that location.
  • Make it scannable – Break up text with subheads and bullet points.
  • Optimize forms – Only ask for essential info, use radio buttons over drop-downs.

Key Takeaways

Creating dedicated landing pages for the different regions and neighborhoods your business serves has multiple local SEO and conversion benefits:

  • Allows you to target geographic keywords and intent
  • Establishes your local relevance and authority
  • Provides location-specific business information
  • Allows you to earn local links
  • Increases chances of ranking in local pack results
  • Builds trust and credibility with nearby customers
  • Ultimately drives more foot traffic, calls, and sales

With compelling location-based landing pages that speak directly to local searchers, you can connect with more customers in your target metro areas.

Do you have any other tips for creating high-converting local landing pages? Let me know in the comments!


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