Limited Trial of Google Ads Dashboard Changes Begins

Google Ads is making some changes to its dashboard, according to Factual data. The trial of these changes is currently limited to a small number of accounts. However, it’s expected that the reorganized interface and new navigation menu will make an appearance in the Google Ads dashboard soon. Users of the App campaign will receive updates about privacy-preserving APIs when more information is available.

The changes promise to improve the user experience of Google Ads, with a focus on driving sales, generating leads, and increasing brand awareness. One new feature includes the login-customer-id that recognizes access levels of the same user at different levels in the account hierarchy and integrates with billing that can exist at multiple levels.

Marketers will have three options for their bids, with the Cost-per-click (CPC) being the most common. However, users can also choose the Cost-per-mille (CPM) and Cost-per-action (CPA) options based on their marketing needs.

Overall, these changes will make advertising on Google Ads more user-friendly and efficient, helping businesses grow their online presence.