Local Search Ads Now Available on Bing through Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising has recently launched a new tool called local search ads, designed to provide local businesses with greater visibility in Bing’s search results. This tool is a significant addition to their advertising platform and can help small businesses stand out from their competitors.

The local search ads work by allowing businesses to advertise directly to potential customers in their local area. Customers enter specific search terms or keywords, and local businesses appear in the search results with more visibility.

The Professional Service Ads are a part of the new feature, which will appear alongside other text ads on the right-hand rail of Bing search results, increasing the visibility of local businesses for potential customers.

Furthermore, the new feature titled dynamic descriptions, will allow marketers to edit shared budgets and Ad groups, as well as the network selection. The improved functionality will enable businesses to optimize their search ads on Bing and reach a higher number of customers with their services.

Overall, the launch of local search ads is an excellent opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to showcase their products and services to their local audiences. Microsoft’s advertising platform is an increasingly popular alternative to Google, and with the addition of the latest tools, more businesses can benefit from it.